About AsPeCSS

The AsPeCSS project is a research project partly funded by the 7th Framework Programme 7 of the EC.



Vulnerable road users can be defined as those road users unprotected by an outside shield, namely pedestrians and two-wheelers. These road users have a greater risk of injury in any collision with a vehicle. In view of the large research efforts currently in the field of powered two-wheelers this proposal will consider pedestrians and to a minor extend pedal cyclists. This is the background to initiate the AsPeCSS project.


The Objectives of hte AsPeCSS project is to develop harmonised and standardised procedures and related tools for the assessment of forward looking integrated pedestrian safety systems.

Project organisation


The organisation of the AsPeCSS project comprises Industry (car manufactures, (first tier) suppliers), research organisations and universities.

All 13 partners are described in detail in the Consortium section. 

Project Structure


The project structure consists of 5 work packages, of which three technical (WP1-3), one on Dissemination and exploitation (WP4) and the Consortium Management work package (WP5). 

Position of ASPECSS

The ASPECSS project is not the only research project on the development of Assessment methodologies for Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Systems. Therefore, the ASPECSS project is in close contact with the other initiatives dealing with this topic. Also, ASPECSS will take into account research results from previous and running research projects. Furthermore, there is frequent contact with the Stakeholders. Click here for more details.







This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 285106

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